Healing Rooms FAQ

Learn more about what the Healing Rooms are and how they work

What are the Healing Rooms?

The healing rooms provide a loving, safe, confidential environment where you can come to receive healing prayer. Some are healed instantly by a miraculous touch from God. Others receive their healing progressively over a period of days, weeks or months. We are committed to pray for you for as long as it takes, contending for your healing until you are completely well! The healing rooms are set up similar to your doctor’s office. We have teams of men and women with an intercessory and prayer ministry who pray with you in private rooms. We pray for physical healing, emotional healing and salvation.

What is a first time visit to the healing rooms like?

The process: When you arrive, you will be asked to fill out some information for our records. A healing rooms prayer team will then take you to a private location and become acquainted with you and your need. You may be asked to describe your situation. The team will pray over you under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Bible. by faith they will exercise their spiritual gifts accordingly. The team may ask permission to lay their hands on you and/or anoint you with oil, (a biblical model in the book of James). The prayer sessions vary in time from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the direction of the Holy Spirit working through the team. Your comfort and need are maintained and you are free to ask questions or interject your thoughts and feelings at anytime during the process.

What do you do in the Healing Rooms

Each team is made up of three trained Christians that pray in agreement for your need. We do not try to teach or change anyone’s doctrine, or enlist him or her in any church or movement. We simply pray for the sick, the complete person, spirit, soul, and body.

Do I have to be a christian to be prayed for?

No, we pray for Christians and non-Christians alike. Like Jesus, we believe healing is a gift.

How do I become apart of the Healing Rooms prayer team?

Call us at 989-752-4769 or use our contact form and we will notify you of our next training session.