Wednesday Night Classes

A time for you to grow with God and others

Fall Session

September 12th - November 14th

Classes are held at the Church and start at 6:30 PM

Childcare is available 

Freedom from the Religious Spirit

Cults and false religions are easily discerned and discarded, but the religious spirit is extremely subtle. It has attempted to thwart every revival or movement of God to date, and it still retains an undeserved set of honor throughout a huge part of today’s Church. 

If you would like to recognize the influence of this spirit, then this class is for you. Come and learn about the bonds that keep people from the true spiritual transformation. 

This will be offered in the fall, winter, and spring. Aaron Evans highly recommended that every Covenant Partner take this class. We are in preparation for “following the cloud” so we urge you to avail yourself of this opportunity and be prepared to “go with the cloud” 

Taught by: Pastor Dick

Walk in the Spirit

Are you hungry for a closer walk with God? If you are, get ready to explore some new territory that can help you lead you to your destination! In this class, you will become acquainted with profound Scriptural insight on the revelation gift of praying in tongues, the KEY that unlocks what the author calls, “the door to another world.”

What will you find in this “other world”? Divine mysteries just waiting to be discovered by your hungry heart. Mysteries regarding the eternal truths of God’s Word. Mysteries about God’s perfect plan for your life. Mysteries designed to help you break out of a perpetual cycle of defeat.

So get ready! Join this class to receive a precious key that will unlock these divine mysteries and lead you into a walk of power with God – the priceless gift of praying in tongues. 

Taught by: Kelly Appold

101 & 201

Do you desire your closer relationship with God to be based on a solid foundation? This class will do just that and be a great guide to Christian beliefs and will be foundational for your Christian faith. This class is for those who want to mature in Kingdom living. Both 101 & 201 are an invitation to grow in your Christian understanding and applying it to your daily living.

Taught by: George & Iesha Copeland

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