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Saginaw Healing Rooms Celebrates 10th Anniversary

December 22, 2016


Saginaw Healing Rooms celebrate 10th anniversary Saginaw Healing Rooms first opened on a Tuesday evening, Nov. 9, 2006. It has experienced 10 years of signs, wonders, and miracles. It is not uncommon every Tuesday and Thursday at Saginaw Valley Community Church to find many cars in the parking lot as The Healing Rooms has expanded to be open Tuesday evenings, and Thursday afternoons and evenings. Numerous people come on those days to either work in the Healing Rooms of Saginaw or to receive prayer. People come from all over Michigan and other states. During the 10 years that the Healing Rooms have been operating at SVCC, they have held 11,000 prayer sessions, averaging an attendance of 450 people per year.

It is the passion of the Healing Rooms of Saginaw to see the sick and injured healed, and see the captives set free. The prayer teams who work in the Healing Rooms are committed to praying with each person until the healing manifests and lines up with the word of God. People are welcome to attend as many sessions as needed to soak in God’s presence and receive prayer.

People from all over have attended sessions at the Healing Rooms of Saginaw. Pastor Ginny Defoe, director of the Healing Room ministry, related that a traveler from Switzerland who was visiting the area took the opportunity to stop by for prayer. Others have driven from Texas or Indiana because they heard about the ministry and were willing to drive the long distances to receive their healing.

When hearing the phrase “healing rooms,” one might think it only pertains to physical healing. However, Pastor Defoe said, “The sessions are not just for physical healing. We also offer prayer for emotional and spiritual healing.”

Some of the recorded healings have included being healed of cancer, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, vision improved, asthma, knees and backs healed, legs lengthened, ringing in ears stopped, dizziness gone, canes and walkers no longer needed, numerous headaches, including migraines, and so much more. Emotional healings are just as plentiful with people receiving prayer for peace and freedom from fear and anxiety, restoration of relationships, and forgiveness.

When people come to the Healing Rooms, they are greeted at the door and given paperwork to complete telling what they would like prayer for. Then, they go upstairs to a waiting room that is called a “soaking room” where they can listen to soothing music. When it is their turn, they are escorted to a prayer room where they are greeted a team of three people.

“The prayer team will spend 20 to 30 minutes with them,” Pastor Defoe said, “asking about what the person would like to prayer for, and seeking God to determine how to effectively pray, and expect God to do something awesome.”

There are many testimonies of healings that come out of the Healing Rooms. One local man, Jeff Kragenbrink, attended a session at the request of a relative. He suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis. He could not walk from sideways and had lost his sense of balance. Walking up and down stairs or getting up from a chair was a very slow and painful process for him. He was also unable to lift his leg even an inch off the floor. After prayer, he ran down the stairway, balanced himself on one foot, walked side to side and lifted his knees above waist level. The swelling in his knuckles and hands was completely gone, making it possible for him to make a fist with no pain. He now plays golf on a weekly basis, something he has not been able to do for years. Doctors report there is no rheumatoid arthritis in his body.

The Healing Rooms of Saginaw is associated with the International Association of Healing Rooms out of Spokane Washington. The teams that work every Tuesday and Thursday have gone through extensive training offered twice a year in September and February. Coming from all over the state of Michigan, the trainees are there to learn how to pray for people, receive their own healing, or learn how to start a healing room in their church. The training sessions are open to anyone who wants to learn how to pray for the sick.

The teams consist of Christians from various church backgrounds. Some drive to Saginaw to serve on the prayer team from as far away as Clio, Gladwin, and Pinconning. Out of the training ministry at SVCC, healing rooms have emerged at other churches in Traverse City and Midland.

When asked how working in the Healing Rooms has changed her life, Terri Carey said, “As we pray for others, our faith continues to strengthen. We have learned to hear from the Lord. It has been a powerful experience. We get to see the miraculous strength of our Lord, and we’ve also received healings.”

Those in need of a healing – emotional, physical, or spiritual – can come to the Healing Rooms of Saginaw at Saginaw Valley Community Church, 3660 Hermansau Dr.