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The Life Skills class is designed to bring people into more loving, healthy relationships by understanding the root causes of one’s adult behaviors. By review-ing where one’s childhood development was inter-rupted by neglect or abuse, one can begin to under-stand the reactionary lifestyle that emerges for self preservation. Selected wounds will be presented and how they manifest in different stages of life – child-hood, adolescence, and adulthood. You will then be shown what skills one usually learns in a balanced, healthy home between birth and age 18. Implement-ing these new skills will enable each individual to re-build his/her life and improve his/her relationships. 



In this seminar we will address the most common issues/wounds that we all experience by living in a broken world; wounds that block us from experiencing peace and joy; wounds that block us from fulfilling our calling and destiny. There will be ministry following each lesson. Wounds that require more time for healing will be addressed in private by appointments. There is a $25.00 workbook fee.



This class is designed to help people process the pain of a divorce or separation.  A full range of topics common to the dissolution of a relationship are presented by top-rated Christian marriage counselors via DVDs.  A $15.00 participant’s workbook is required for the class.



Becomers is a Christian recovery program and support group for women, to promote emotional and spiri-tual healing from the life experience of childhood sex-ual abuse. In the spring we met for 10 weeks. The program consists of teaching, small group, home work, and one on one counseling. Women came from different churches and it was an awesome time of healing. 


By Appointment

If you are oppressed by any destructive behavior that cannot be broken through prayer and fasting, you may need assistance in breaking the enemies’ stronghold through a deliverance process.