Family Night Classes (Returns September 20, 2017) 
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Paul instructs the believers at Ephesus to put off the carnal mind and to get a new attitude toward God, the church, and the world (Eph. 4: 22-23). He tells us to change our way of thinking! Our Wednesday Night Equipping Classes will help believers to transform their attitudes and become more like Christ. Equipping Classes are designed to prepare Christian believers to do works of service; to walk in the unity of faith; to have knowledge in Christ Jesus; to be mature human beings, stable, and unmovable from the truth; and to be ready to fit into the body of Christ according to each one’s individual gifting (vs. 12-16).

Youth & Children:

Fusion Youth Ministries is a God-embraced experience where the youth are free to be real with themselves, each other, and most importantly, with God. Our Bible study on Wednesday evenings and Youth services on Saturday nights provide an atmosphere to encourage each other, develop spiritual gifts, grow in our knowledge of God, and leaves our youth wanting to know God in a deeper and more passionate way.

Nursery (infants – 18 months) We love them, play with them, teach them, sing to them, hold them and pray for them.

Wednesday Warriors (3 years – 1st Grade) This ministry is designed to meet the spiritual, socio-emotional, mental, and physical needs of  pre-school children. This club format provides the children with opportunities to achieve awards while developing their giftings.

God Lab: Experiencing God Through Chemistry (2nd – 6th grade) Come and join us on Wednesday nights for an explosive evening of learning about God through chemistry. There will be praise and worship, teaching from the word, indoor and outdoor activities, and much more!!!!!

Knowing the Word:

Paul exhorts all believers to study and show that they rightly understanding the Word of truth, the Bible (2 Timothy 2:15). He writes that all scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in what is right, prepared for every good work (3: 16-17). Knowing the Word classes offer studies in the Bible, one book at a time. These systematic studies reveal the many insights, promises, and truths the Word of God holds for us as believers.


Jesus said that the true mark of a leader is his or her servant-like attitude (Mark 10:41-45). He set this example for us when He laid his life down for the church. Hebrews 13:17 tells us that all leaders must give an account for their leadership. Leadership classes are a course of studies that will prepare church members to oversee various ecclesiastical responsibilities while ministering to the body of Christ.

Family & Parenting:

The family unit has been established by God as a place of comfort, protection, and training for next godly generation. The Bible gives us very specific guidelines for marriage and parenting, but these guidelines seem to be getting lost in a flood of secular philosophies. Family and Parenting classes presents lessons that are designed to teach husbands and wives to truly love one another. They are life lessons to help parents raise their children to honor God in their home and at school, and to become productive citizens in their community.

Living in the Spirit:

Jesus said that a person must be born again, born of the Spirit. Paul declares that believers have an obligation to live according to the Spirit and not according to the ways of this world (Romans 8: 12-13). The mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace, but the mind controlled by the flesh brings death. Living in the Spirit classes are designed to encourage Christian believers to live every day in the Spirit of God.

New Beginnings:

“I am a new Christian, and I am not sure what comes next.” New Beginnings is a series of classes designed to help the new believer understand his or her new faith. Christianity 101 (C101) and Discipleship 201 (D201) introduce the new believer to the Bible, common Christian doctrines, and prayer. It is a time of getting to know other new believers and growing together in faith.

Inner Healing:

As a Christian, it is normal to struggle with sin, but if we continually succumb to any particular sin(s), it may indicate that there is a deeper root issue that must be addressed. In the same manner, we all have experienced wounds and disappointments in our life, but those of us who have experienced physical or verbal abuse; neglect; unexpected loss from death, parental divorce, or personal divorce; abortions; drug or alcohol addictions; deep and lasting grief; excessive loneliness or depression know what it is to have a wounded heart. Inner Healing Classes will bring true healing from the deep wounds of the past, removing the bitter roots and healing the broken hearts

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