2nd Annual Retreat On The Lake

Please read the follow paragraphs.  If you are in agreement, click the "Agree & Continue" box below to continue with the registration process.

I agree by clicking the "Agree & Continue" button below to not hold liable Saginaw Valley Community Church, its officers, board members, staff or covenant partners in case of injury, loss of life, loss of anything that has any type of value to me during my stay. I acknowledge that I am attending this retreat at my own risk. I also agree to be held responsible for any and all damage to the rental property that either I have done or to share responsibility as group for any damage done. I also agree to give at least a 10 day notice if I cannot attend this retreat. I also agree that any prayer ministry I may receive is done at my own discretion. I have been notified by a Young Adults Ministry (Elevate) leader that I can opt out of any and all activities planned for the retreat and that I will not be forced to participate in any event that I chose not to do.

I agree to pray for the retreat weekend. I agree to pray for those who will be attending the retreat. I agree to pray for those in leadership that are overseeing this retreat. I agree to pray for those that the Elevate group will come in contact with; that they may come know the love and salvation of Jesus. I agree to actively anticipate and expect the Holy Spirit to dwell with the Elevate group and expect to see Him move in signs and wonders in us, through us and for us. I acknowledge that I am an ambassador of Christ and will represent Him to ALL people during the retreat.


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